Spatchcock Chicken with Blackberry & Apple Salsa

Spatchcock Chicken with Blackberry & Apple Salsa

This August the countryside is overflowing with Blackberries, Apples and wild herbs. (Alas you will need to buy the Chicken). This simple Barbecue recipe is all about cooking & eating outdoors and enjoying wonderful seasonal produce.

Serves 4 to 6

A 1.5kg Free Range Organic Chicken

For the rub
100ml Rapeseed Oil
2 Lemons, juice and grated rind
Small Bunch Wild Marjoram
2 Cloves Garlic
2 Tsp Smoked Paprika
2 Tsp Malvern Salt

For the salsa
1 Crisp Apple, cored and finely diced
200gm Wild Blackberries, halved
1 Red Onion, diced
1 Bunch Parsley, plus a little more Marjoram, chopped
1 Tsp Chilli Flakes
3 Tbsp Rapeseed Oil
1 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
2 Tbsp Honey
Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper


Turn the chicken upside-down and use a strong pair of kitchen scissors to cut out the back bone.
Turn breast side up and press the bird out flat into a “butterfly”.

Blend all the ingredients for the “rub” together in a food processor.
Rub the mix into both sides of the chicken and then leave the bird for a couple of hours to marinate.

Meanwhile prepare the Salsa – lots of chopping, then seasoning to taste.

Cook the Chicken on a hot but not flaming Barbecue, turning it over regularly.

Serve the Chicken with the Salsa alongside, some Jacket Potatoes and a leafy Salad.

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