Iron Age Boar comes to the Local & Wild menu!

Iron Age Boar comes to the Local & Wild menu!

A new snack is joining the local & wild offering. Full of flavour, the perfect mouthful – Chipolata Bites with a Mustard Seed Jus. These are just the thing to go with that post-work tipple - your favourite cocktail or glass of red.


To create this special snack, we’ve sourced the boar from Lyon’s Hill Farm, they rear Iron Age Boar which was created in the 1970s by Joe Henson, when he was asked by the BBC to create a breed of pig that was reminiscent of the first generation of domesticated pigs developed by early farmers during the Iron Age, nearly 4000 years ago.


The pigs at Lyon’s Hill have a very happy and healthy life, roaming free in a large area of fenced woodland, living on a natural diet for over 10 months, which is twice as long as a commercial breed. This means their meat is dark, full, and wonderfully flavoured.


Knowing that this is locally sourced, properly reared and cooked to perfection, makes it that much tastier when you’re enjoying it.


See you soon for some succulent saussies.