Chatting to Daniella Nicole

Chatting to Daniella Nicole

Take a read of our full Q&A with Dani, below!

  • What are the main benefits of having sustainable/locally sourced meat and fish in one’s diet?

From a health perspective, meat and fish are incredibly nutrient dense foods and bioavailable protein sources which can be used to support proper blood sugar balance, gut health and are a great way to easily optimise your diet!


  • What are your favourite things to eat at this time of year?

If you're anything like me and your appetite decreases in the heat then it's a game changer to know how to prepare simple nutrient dense meals with just a few ingredients. My favourite things are bioavailable protein sources like wild caught fish and venison. I pair that with big root vegetable salads with plenty of gut nourishing dressings using lots of fresh green herbs and microgreens. 

  • Can you tell us a little about the health benefits of things like red meat and bone broth especially, as these seem to have a lot of stigma around them!

I work with a lot of clients who have previously struggled to digest red meat and after working on their digestive health and restoring proper stomach acid levels they find themselves enjoying red meat again with no discomfort. Having red meat in your diet provides bioavailable protein, a great source of B12, Retinol (true Vitamin A), Zinc and other minerals. Bone broth is naturally rich in collagen protein and essential amino acids - a great addition to take care of your gut. Those who struggle with bone broth can start with gentle meat stocks and find plenty of benefits consuming that too!

  • What made you make the change from vegan?

My health story has been an interesting one and I've definitely experienced positives in my life through adopting a vegan diet in the past, however it did not come without its difficulties. Many who follow my blog have heard me talk about the nutritional imbalances I faced which contributed to poor digestive health, blood sugar balance issues and ultimately contributed to high stress on my body. After ending up in hospital with GI issues for the second time in my life, I decided it was time to reintroduce animal based foods back into my diet. The difference in my skin, energy and overall digestion has been amazing! 

  • What would you suggest for someone wanting to start eating more sustainably sourced protein products – where to start?

Great question and a key topic of discussion right now! I advocate for getting one step closer to your food source wherever you can. That could look like supporting your local farmers market or finding out how to support farmers in your area who prioritise regenerative farming and are taking better care of the soil, land and animals. I was introduced to this through reading the book Sacred Cow, by Diana Rogers. 


  • What easy food swaps would you suggest that are still full on flavour but better for the planet?

I personally find that locally sourced sustainable food is delicious! Nature makes no mistakes and a nutrient dense diet feels good and tastes good! Everybody deserves to feel well and we are all just doing our best to make better food decisions that support the planet and our soil health. My top tips would be to consider supporting your local dairy farm or opt to make nut milk at home as many plant based companies are using green washing tactics. Same goes for all the fake meat which unfortunately, is not better for your health or the planet's health! Pasture for life ( is also a great option to learn about supporting grass fed and organic meat & dairy farmers all over the UK.


  • What are your three cupboard staples?

Something that is always in my cupboard is locally sourced raw organic honey, Ossa Organic's Collagen powder and a jar of Organic Bone Broth! I recognise the privilege to be able to have access to these foods and have certainly been on a long journey to get to the point where I can spend a little bit more on ingredients that have helped reverse my chronic gut issues!  

  • What do you love about Local & Wild?

I feel so grateful to have access to restaurants in my area that follow a farm-to-fork way of eating! It's great to see the incredible passion the brand has for sustainability, local community and delicious seasonal menus!